Fallout 4 New NPCs faces mod-2

This Fallout 4 Mod improves the faces of all NPCs

Modder ‘EidoTv’ has released a new HD Texture Pack for Fallout 4 that improves and enhances the faces of almost all NPCs. Since this mod can noticeably improve the game’s graphics, we recommend giving it a go.

EidoTv has used Fallout Genetics Method in order to enhance the game’s NPCs. Other than that, though, the modder has not provided any additional details. However, you can find at the end of this article a couple of screenshots that showcase these new textures.

In theory, you should be able to use this pack with these two other NPC mods. The first mod attempts to overhaul the AI of all NPCs and enemies. On the other hand, Immersive Movement changes the movements of the player, NPCs, and all creatures in such a way that would actually make sense from a biological and physical perspective.

You can download this new Texture Pack for Fallout 4’s NPCs from here.

Speaking of Fallout 4, we also suggest taking a look at these other mods for it. Earlier this month, we shared a must-have mod that attempted to fix the game’s long loading times. Then we have this pack that adds Next-Gen Parallax Textures. This settlement/building mod brings 200 new items to the game. And then there is this mod that improves graphics by reworking the LOD of distant models. Here is also a video demonstration of Fallout 4 with NVIDIA’s DLSS 3 Frame Generation.

Before closing, we should mention some upcoming DLC-sized mods for Fallout 4. Fallout New Vegas Remake in Fallout 4 is a mod we’re really looking forward to. Then we have the Fallout London fan expansion. And lastly, Fallout: Miami is another DLC-sized fan expansion for Fallout 4 that is currently in development.

Have fun!

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