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This must-have mod for Fallout 4 greatly improves the movement of the player, animals and NPCs

Modder ‘Zana Daniel’ has released an incredible mod for Fallout 4, called Immersive Movement. As its title suggests, this mod changes the movements of the player, NPCs, and all creatures in such a way that would actually make sense from a biological and physical perspective. And it’s a must-have mod for everyone playing Bethesda’s RPG.

This mod is for all those seeking realistic movement in their games. Immersive Movement makes movement feel more natural and suspenseful through interiors, while combat will be much more tactical due to the realistic pace that is set.

Going into more details, players will move slower. Your mobility will also be affected by the type of weapon you’re holding. Sneaking will be slower, as well as strafing, and aiming down the sight will of course significantly slow you down while on the move.

Human NPCs have been tweaked accordingly so now you’ll pretty much be the same speed as them. Along with that, changes have been made to raiders and such in how they maneuver when attacking, strafing and walking.

Creatures such as Deathclaws now move at deadly speeds, while Supermutants now move faster in straight directions due to their sheer size, power, and muscle mass. All other creatures have also been tweaked with careful consideration of sense, realism, and logic.

Those interested can download the Immersive Movement mod for Fallout 4 from here.

Have fun!