Valheim feature

Valheim mods add unique weapons, new NPCs, selectable heroes & more

A number of mods emerged last week for Valheim, so we’ve decided to collect the most important and share them with you. Therefore, these Valheim mods add new unique weapons to the game, port the music from Final Fantasy 7, add mutiple NPCs, new pets and a Quest System.

Going into more details, v801’s Unique Weapons Mod adds 9 new boss-themed weapons for you to unlock and craft. Most of these weapons have modified movesets, and some even have extra effects.

Agnafrei’s Midgar-Valheim Alliance adds the classic (PS1) Final Fantasy 7 music and sound effects to the game. This will be ideal for all Final Fantasy VII fans that are currently playing Valheim.

The OdinPlus Mod is a major gameplay overhaul mod that adds mutiple NPCs and new pets to the game. Moreover, it brings more Magic meads, as well as a QUEST System.

Similarly, Valheim Legends is a gameplay mod that adds selectable hero classes to the game, each with 3 unique abilities. There are currently six hero classes and these are: Valkyrie, Ranger, Berserker, Mage, Druid and Shaman.

Lastly, aC0C0NUT has released a brand new version of his HD Texture Pack for Valheim. This new version includes new textures for wood weapons/tools. It also brings new textures for all the main weapons (up to and including Black Metal). You can download the mod from here.

Have fun!