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Valheim gets a new 1.1GB HD Texture Pack, overhauling most of its textures

Modder ‘Willybach’ released earlier this week a 1.1GB HD Texture Pack for Valheim that aims to improve most of its textures. This pack covers most Biomes so far and many Building and Crafting textures. Furthermore, and by using AI techniques, it tries to stay as close to the vanilla textures as possible.

As the modder noted, loading times are drastically reduced, as well as performance. Additionally, this pack does not suffer from an issue that reverted rocks back to their vanilla textures.

In order to better showcase the new textures, the modder released the following videos. These will give you an idea of what you can expect from this HD Texture Pack.

You can download this HD Texture Pack from here. In case you do not like it, we suggest downloading this one from aC0C0NUT.

Speaking of Valheim, there is also a cool VR mod that you can download. Not only that, but there are also mods that add unique weapons, new NPCs, selectable heroes & more.

Have fun!

Willybach's HD Valheim - Plains Biome

Willybach's HD Valheim - Meadows Biome

Willybach's HD Valheim - Swamp Biome

Willybach's HD Valheim - Black Forest Biome