Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill Restless Dreams is a cool fan film based on Silent Hill 2

Superkede has shared a 30-minute Silent Hill 2 fan film, called Silent Hill Restless Dreams. The film is directed, written and produced by Colten Dietz, starring Vic Mignogna, Mercedes Peterson and Julie Anne Prescott.

As its description reads:

“A troubled man makes his way through the monster infested- town of Silent Hill as he searches for his deceased wife and try’s to come to trims with what happened in his past.”

It’s a really cool film that I’m certain most Silent Hill fans will appreciate. After all, we haven’t gotten any new Silent Hill movie or game. And, before anyone says it, this fan film isn’t a hint at a new Silent Hill game.

Speaking of Silent Hill 2, I suggest downloading Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition. Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is a collection of mods that enhances the game and makes it playable on all modern systems. For instance, the mod adds support for dynamic resolution and restores specularity.


Silent Hill Restless Dreams (Fan Film)