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Hogwarts Legacy Ultra+ Mod adds “Insane” graphics, improves performance, fixes stutters/hitches

Modder ‘SammiLucia’ has released a new version of her Ultra+ Mod for Hogwarts Legacy which adds an “Insane” graphics preset. This is a must-have mod for everyone that wants to play this latest “Harry Potter” game, and we highly recommend using it.

For those unaware, the Hogwarts Legacy Ultra+ Mod enables global illumination (you can either select RTGI or SSGI), adds ray-traced water, and brings better graphics for the whole game. Moreover, it fixes texture loading, blurriness, disables Chroma DLL, and increases view distance and LODs.

Perhaps what’s more interesting here, though, are the performance improvements that this mod brings to the table. For instance, it fixes broken LOD definitions in Hogsmeade and elsewhere, reduces memory usage and improves stability. Not only that, but the modder has reworked the texture streamer to fix hitches/stutters, and addressed some slow texture loading issues.

What this ultimately means is that you’ll get a smoother overall performance with this mod. Not only that, but you can also improve its visuals.

Version 8.0 which came out today adds an Insane setting for those who want to test this with RT water. Furthermore, it packs a number of fps improvements and enables ray-traced distance shadows. It’s also worth noting that the mod fixes vanilla fog definitions, and modifies fog appearance in several locations.

You can download this latest version of the Hogwarts Legacy Ultra+ Mod from here.

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Have fun!

[4K60] Hogwarts Legacy looks simply amazing with Ultra+ Insane RT Graphics MOD - Beyondalllimits