Hogwarts Legacy feature 2

Early Access Multiplayer Mod released for Hogwarts Legacy

The modding team behind Skyrim Together has released an early access version of their upcoming multiplayer mod for Hogwarts Legacy. Moreover, the team has shared two gameplay videos that can give you a glimpse at what is currently possible with this mod.

The first video shows 10 players exploring the game’s world. The second video shows off the outfit synchronization, which now also includes Transmog.

Now as with all Early Access mods, this one is behind a Patreon wall. Yeap, it sucks but at least the final version will be free to everyone.

Anyway, and speaking of Hogwarts Legacy, you may be also interested in the following mods. There are mods that add SSGI, VR support and 60fps FMVs to the game. Furthermore, there is a VR Mod currently in development (although it doesn’t have any ETA as of yet).

Have fun!

HogWarp - Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer - 10 players

HogWarp - Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer - Outfit sync