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You can finally play as Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy thanks to mods

The moment most Harry Potter fans have been waiting for is finally here. Yes, we finally got mods that allow us to play as Harry Potter himself in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are currently two Harry Potter mods that you can download. The first mod comes from modder ‘Chris Rubino’ and the second one is from ‘Crazy Potato’. From what I can tell, the 3D model from the first mod appears to be the closest one to Daniel Radcliffe. Nevertheless, I’m sharing both of them for you to try.

What’s also impressive here is that you can use any haircut you want during the character creation. Not only that, but the default male voice is as close to Daniel’s voice as possible. Thus, your character can really feel like Harry Potter as he looks and sounds just like him.

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Harry Potter fans can also play as Hermione with a mod we shared last week. However, if you think that this wasn’t good enough, there is another Hermione/Emma Watson Mod that you can download.

Speaking of mods for Hogwarts Legacy, you may also want to try the Early Access versions of its VR Mod and Multiplayer Mod. Do note that these Early Access builds are behind Patreon walls. Thankfully, we’ll be able to download these mods for free once they are out of their Early Access phase.

Have fun!

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