Hogwarts Legacy feature 2

First Hogwarts Legacy Mods bring SSGI, VR support and 60fps FMVs

Hogwarts Legacy officially came out last week and it has already gotten some cool mods that we highly recommend downloading. These first mods add support for SSGI, VR, and 60fps for FMVs.

Going into more details, SSGI is a more advanced lighting system that PC gamers can enable via the game’s INI files. From what I’ve seen, this mod will be really helpful to those that have not made any tweaks to the RTAO. However, and if you’ve already applied the tweaks from our RT guide, this SSGI Mod won’t bring any major visual differences.

The other must-have mod is the one from Luke Ross that adds VR support to the game. The only downside here is that this VR Mod is behind a Patreon-wall. So yeah, that’s a bummer. Thankfully, though, the other VR Mod for Hogwarts Legacy will be free once it comes out.

Lastly, NomNom released a mod that interpolates all FMVs to 60fps. NomNom has also cleaned them up via De-Blocking and De-Noising. As such, you’ll now have smoother FMVs, which is always a plus.

Have fun!

Hogwarts Legacy VR - newly released mod