Half Life Alyx feature

Half-Life: Incursion, wave-based combat mod for Half-Life Alyx, is now available for download

A team of modders has released a new mod for Half-Life Alyx, called Half-Life Incursion. According to its description, Half-Life: Incursion is a wave-based combat mod for this latest VR HL game.

In Half-Life: Incursion, players will test their skills in VR against an onslaught of Combine soldiers, collect resin to upgrade their weapons, and explore to find secrets and resources.

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You can download this mod from here. Below you can also find its key features, as well as its launch trailer.

Have fun!

Half-Life: Incursion Launch Trailer

Half-Life: Incursion Key Features

  • An hour-long campaign with non-linear objectives; choose your upgrade and weapon progression route.
  • An open arena with randomized enemy spawns locations, signified by an alarm and a Combine forcefield.
  • Randomized ammo and resin spawns to vary each playthrough.
  • Deployable tripmines; place them strategically to improve your chances.
  • A high fidelity environment to fight in, meant to emulate the quality of the main campagin.