Fallout New Vegas Zombies Mode

Fallout New Vegas Zombies Mod V2.0 adds new map & gameplay mechanics

In December 2020, we informed you about a Zombies Mod for Fallout New Vegas. And today, we are happy to report that a new major version of it is available for download.

Going into more details, Version 2.0 adds a new map (Sierra Madre) and new perks. It also brings some new zombie models and five new songs.

Additionally, Version 2.0 features some new mechanics. For instance, it packs a new death system, an explosive system, and box weapons. It also has a new teddy bear system, real-time dismemberment, and allows zombies to climb ladders.

You can download the latest version of Fallout New Vegas Zombies Mod from here. Below you can also find its key features.

Fallout New Vegas Zombies Mod V2.0 Release Notes

  • Added new Perks: PHD Flopper, Stamin-Up, Mule Kick.
  • Added new map: Sierra Madre.
  • Also added new zombie models.
  • Added Hellhounds.
  • Bugfixes for first map and second map.
  • New death system.
  • New explosive system.
  • Added Pack-A-Punch
  • Added “Damned” music to starting area.
  • New box weapons.
  • Added new songs: Abracadvre, Not Ready To Die, Paredolia, Coming Home, Carry On
  • Added Bowie Knife
  • Removed Cymbal Monkeys
  • Added Molotov Cocktails
  • Added Moon chatter
  • Also added new radio trap
  • Added new electric trap
  • Script optimizations
  • Live dismemberment
  • “Crawler” zombies
  • Map reset ability
  • Added PPSH
  • Added new teddy bear system
  • Dynamic spawn locations
  • Added Trench Gun
  • Added Richtofen’s Grand Scheme
  • Also added Big Bang Theory
  • Adding lore
  • Zombies no longer run away
  • Zombies climb barriers
  • Max ammo power up improved. Adds ammo for all weapons owned.
  • Added Nuke, Double Points, Insta-Kill