Fallout 4 Obscurum IV - Statesec Mod

Fallout 4 Obscurum IV – Statesec Mod released, DLC-sized mod with a new world, enemies, weapons, story & more

Modder ‘Thumblesteen’ has released a new DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4, called Obscurum IV – Statesec. Obscurum IV – Statesec is a total conversion mod, featuring a new story, new world, new weapons and new enemies.

Players will fight the bad guys, raid their bases and then recover tactical and strategic resources such as intel, officer’s berets (to collect bounties), hazmat materials, and even nuclear weapon cores. They will then bring these items to their base and use a special terminal to trade them in for resources that can be exchanged for useful things such as shipments, guns, uniforms.

It’s also worth noting that the modder has made some changes to the difficulty and combat mechanics for a more fast-paced and “realistic” experience. Thumblesteen has also added a lot more Minutemen content such as new divisions, uniforms, and loadouts.

You can download Obscurum IV – Statesec from here.

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Have fun!

Obscurum IV: Statesec Trailer