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This 4GB Fallout 4 HD Texture Pack overhauls almost all of its creatures

Modder ‘Blackwolf24’ has released a 4GB must-have HD Texture Pack for Fallout 4. According to its description, this HD Texture Pack overhauls almost all of the game’s creatures.

Contrary to other HD Texture Packs, this one brings brand new textures to the table. As such, all of the game’s creatures are now more detailed than ever. There are some very minor artistic changes but I don’t mind as the new textures look significantly better.

You can download the HD Texture Pack from here. At the end of the article, you can also find some comparison screenshots. These screenshots perfectly showcase how much better the new textures actually are.

In theory, this pack should be compatible with most of the Fallout 4 we’ve shared. For instance, it should work with this settlement/building mod that adds 200 new items. It should also work with this mod that aims to overhaul the AI of the NPCs, as well as with this mod that adds 14 different weapons. The Urban Life Mod, which adds 11 equipables, 350+ workshop items, new custom Radio Station, should also be compatible with it. Lastly, it should work with the Next-Gen Parallax Textures.


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