Doom 3 Bravo Mod

Doom-3-Bravo aims to bring a “Dead Space” feeling to id Software’s shooter

Modder ‘hexenstar’ has released a brand new mod for Doom 3 that aims to bring some “Dead Space” vibes to id Software’s shooter. According to the modder, Doom-3-Bravo aims to polish and further emphasize the methodic demon-killfest of the original – by fully steering it onto the survival-horror path.

The promises to take full advantage of the plentiful secret areas of the game. Moreover, it upgrades certain demons to a more challenging level, and re-balances some weapons. It also adds flashlights to all weapons. Additionally, it packs a completely new weapon/item sound design from scratch, which will bring some real oomph to the gameplay experience.

You can download this mod from here. Below you can also find two videos that showcase the mod in action.

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Have fun!

Doom 3 Bravo mod, version 3.4 gameplay demonstration (Enpro facility)

Doom 3 Bravo mod (version v3.2) features trailer