Doom 3 Phobos Episode 2

Phobos Episode 2 Mod for Doom 3 is now available for download

Team Future has released the second episode of its single-player story-driven mod for Doom 3, Phobos. According to the team, this second episode features 6 levels of varying sizes and way more combat than the first.

In case you weren’t aware, Phobos is inspired by old-school shooters like Half-Life and Dark Forces/Jedi Knight. This mod puts a lot of emphasis on exploration, progression and environmental puzzles.

In order to give players a glimpse, the team has also released the following gameplay video. This video will give you an idea of what you can expect from this mod.

You can download Phobos Episode 2 from here. Here are also the changes that Episode 2 brings to the table.

  • Added Episode 2
  • Door console in E1M1 no longer crashes the game to menu
  • Updated all computer voice feedback with better effect
  • Adjusted a lot of ambient and local ingame sound volumes in Episode 1
  • Added autosave to E1M1_2
  • Added autosave to E1M2
  • Save game code has changed, which means all save games from version 1.0 no longer works in version 2.0
  • You can now overwrite savegames
  • Healthstation gui and sounds updated
  • Bloom options now persist
  • Replaced Samantha Miles in E1M1 and E1M1_1 with new model
  • Replaced Samantha Miles portrait
  • Re-enabled head bobbing
  • Crawling in vents now plays footstep sounds even when you are crouched
  • Replaced the first person view gloves with new and improved version
  • Replaced the basketball with a new and improved model
  • Also replaced the FCE shotgun with new and improved model
  • Raised armor protection values
  • Decreased shotgun ammo cap, increased pistol ammo cap, decreased rocket ammo cap

Have fun!

Phobos - Episode 2 Gameplay Teaser