Doom 3 Hi Def 3.0 Mod screenshots-2

Doom 3 Hi Def 3.0 Mod is now available for download

Modder ‘y2keeth’ has released a brand new version of his Hi Def Mod for id Software’s horror first-person shooter, Doom 3. According to the modder, this latest version is compatible with both Resurrection of Evil and SIKKMOD.

Going into more details, Doom 3 Hi Def 3.0 improves the quality of all textures by four times. Moreover, it brings custom zombies and zsec from the BFG version. Additionally, it packs full shadow map files and NG shaders.

You can download the mod from here. Do note that this mod is for the original version of Doom 3. For the BFG version, you can download this mod. Below you can also find some screenshots that showcase the improved textures.

Speaking of Doom 3, we also suggest taking a look at RBDOOM-3-BFG. This mod adds Physically Based Rendering, Global Illumination and TrenchBroom Mapping Support to the game. You can also download Phobos which is a single-player story-driven mod for Doom 3.


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