Editorial – Your GOTY 2014, Spencer Joins The Team, Your Most Anticipated Game Of 2015 Poll

As you may have noticed, our GOTY 2014 poll has already ended and according to you – our readers – Dragon Age: Inquisition was the best overall game of 2014. Not surprising given the fact that a lot of games were delayed to 2015. We’ve screen-grabbed the results and you can view them below.

Our new poll will be focused on your most anticipated games of 2015. This poll will go live tomorrow. Naturally – and since there are a lot of games coming out in 2015 – we strongly suggest leaving a comment with your favourite game (so that we can include it in our list).

As you may have also noticed, a new writer has joined us. Spencer will be contributing a number of articles, so feel free to welcome him everyone. Spencer has already worked in various gaming websites (SEGAFanatics is one of them), and will be sharing various news that may have passed under our radar.

Since Papadopoulos talked with Spencer about various topics that may interest you, we’d like all three of us to clarify a number of things:

We’d love to have a TwitchTV channel, a Steam Curator, Podcasting, more playthroughs, extensive social media presence, a forum, etc. But let’s be realistic here; we lack the people to handle all these things properly. Hell, there are days when we are running like crazy to catch up with everything that is happening (alongside with contacting devs/publishers about interviews and performing our analyses/first impressions). We also need to create a lot of content for TwitchTV or Podcasts, which may have a negative impact on the content of DSOG itself.

Therefore, we’re making – safe – baby steps. It’s pretty easy to lose direction and we’ve seen this happening in a lot of websites. So let’s not be hasty. We also believe that content is the primary thing we should be focusing on. So while we’d love to have the above features (as well as some of our own, like an arcade room section filled with Flash games for our readers to play in their free time), we’ll have to simply delay these plans.

Do note that this does not mean that we are not open for discussions about the future of DSOG. Hell, we might be the only website that offered its readers the ability to vote for their favourite layout, and use that one. However, we have to simply be careful with our future decisions.

Enjoy and happy weekend everyone!