Visage feature

Visage is an incredible clone of Konami’s cancelled PT, new video shows 22 minutes of gameplay footage

SadSquare Studio and IGN have shared a new video, showing 22 minutes of gameplay footage from Visage. Visage is a new surreal psychological horror game that was inspired by Konami’s cancelled P.T. and as you can see, it looks identical to it.

Visage takes place in an old, gigantic house where unfathomable horror hides behind the banalities of a normal, but ever-changing house. Players take the role of Dwayne, a mysterious man haunted by malign entities of the past. As they venture in the surreal world, they learn of the stories that tie them to this horrific place. Their goal is to uncover the truth behind it all.

Visage is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and even though it targets a 2017 release on all major platforms, our guess is that it will be delayed to 2018.


Visage: 22 New Minutes of Creepy Horror Gameplay - IGN First