Dual Universe Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer Released

The sandbox civilization building MMORPG takes place on multi-planets which create a player-driven economy, politics, trade and of course warfare.

Dual Universe Pre-Alpha Teaser 2017

Dual Universe looks devilishly like ‘No Man’s Sky’ which didn’t have the greatest of launches out of sandbox games but perhaps this one might be different? To be completely honest my hopes are not that high as these multi-planet sandbox MMORPG’s  are not the easiest games to develop, sounding much too good on paper only to fail abysmally once released to the public.

With all that said I do hope that Dual Universe is something different and isn’t one of those pre-alpha games that never gets out of alpha/beta.

For anyone who is interested in pledging to the games Kickstarter the link can be found here

Source: Dual Universe