Titanfall 2 – Single-player campaign from the PC version running in 4K at 60fps on an NVIDIA Titan X

NVIDIA has shared a new video for Titanfall 2, showcasing its single-player campaign on the PC. For this video, NVIDIA used an NVIDIA Titan X and was able to run the game in 4K at 60fps.

As we’ve already said, the PC version of Titanfall 2 promises to be a solid product, and will feature – among other things like a FOV slider and mouse acceleration options – high-quality textures, NVIDIA HBAO+ tech, Ambient Occlusion effects, and higher-quality anti-aliasing, effects and shadows.

From the looks of it, almost all upcoming triple-A games will run incredibly well on the PC. Battlefield 1, Watch_Dogs 2 and Titanfall 2 seem to be optimized for the PC. We are certain that Dishonored 2 will also run great on the PC platform. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see whether the PC version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be bug-free or not.

Titanfall 2 releases on October 28th.


Titanfall 2: EXCLUSIVE 4K 60 FPS Single Player 'Trial By Fire' PC Gameplay – On TITAN X!