This Final Fantasy VI Fan-Made Movie Looks Great But May Never See The Light Of Day

A team of Final Fantasy fans got together and created an amazing live action trailer for an unofficial, fan-made, movie based on Final Fantasy VI. And even though the trailer looks great, we are pretty sure that Square Enix will send Bad Pixel a C&D letter. Which is precisely why the team has not started working on the full movie. Bad Pixel wants to acquire permission from Square-Enix to run a Kickstarter Campaign, however that will most probably won’t happen anytime soon. Let’s not forget that another FF movie – based on FFVII – had a Kickstarter and Square Enix took it down. Here is hoping that the Japanese studio will give the green light to Bad Pixel, though things are not looking ideal. Still, the trailer looks good so go ahead and take a look!
Final Fantasy: Terra - Trailer