Bioshock Infinite feature

This Bioshock Infinite Demake for SNES looks super cool

YouTube’s “64-Bits” have released an amazing demake video, showcasing what Bioshock Infinite would look like as a SNES game. This video will put a smile on all 16-bit fans out there, and we highly recommend watching it.

The video recreates the scene in which Booker meets Elizabeth. And, surprisingly enough, 64-Bits was able to capture the whole in scene in an amazing retro-16-bit look.

Do note that this is just a concept video and nothing more. 64-Bits does not plan to demake the whole game or release a playable build of it to the public. Still, I find it really cool watching such demakes.

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64 Bits - Bioshock Infinite Demake for SNES