Resident Evil 4 feature

First version of Resident Evil 4 PSX Demake available for download on PC

Have you ever wondered what a PSX/32-bit version of Resident Evil 4 would look like? Well, time to find out. Rustic Games BR has just released the first version of this demake that you can play for yourselves on PC.

According to the team, this first version has a lot of bugs. Still, it will give you an idea of how the game plays. Additionally, and in case you don’t want to download it, you can watch a brief gameplay video below.

Resident Evil 4 PSX Demake uses fixed camera angles and “tank” controls. Moreover, it uses pixelated graphics and has a classic inventory system.

Now obviously this first version does not demake the whole game. So yeah, don’t expect to be playing the entire game. In fact, and similarly to the Bloodborne PSX Demake, only a small fraction of the game will be available in it. Still, I believe that a lot of Resident Evil fans will find it cool.

You can download this first version of Resident Evil 4 PSX Demake from here.

Have fun!

Resident evil 4 - PS1 - Gameplay test