Warframe 16-bit SNES Demake

This 16-bit SNES Demake of Warframe looks retro-cool

YouTube’s ’64 Bits’ has shared an amazing video, showcasing what a 16-bit version of Warframe would have looked like on SNES. This video will put a smile on everyone’s face, especially those that have grown up with the Super Nintendo.

64 Bits has recreated numerous scenes/areas from Warframe. Not only that but there is a sequence in which the demake tries to simulate SNES’ Mode 7 capabilities. Seriously, this is exactly what you’d be playing on Nintendo’s console if Warframe was somehow miraculously ported to it.

Do note that this is a concept video and nothing more. In other words, there isn’t any prototype or demo that you can download and play. Nevertheless, this 16-bit SNES Demake of Warframe looks lovely, and it certainly deserves the spotlight.

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Enjoy the following video for the 16-bit SNES demake of Warframe and stay tuned for more!

64 Bits - Warframe Demake for SNES