Resident Evil 4 feature

Resident Evil 4 looks really cool as a 2D side-scrolling action game

Modder ‘DooMero’ has shared two videos, showcasing what Resident Evil 4 could have looked like as a 2D side-scrolling action game.

In order to create this demake, DooMero used GZDoom. And, as you will see, the results are quite impressive. Okay okay, when I say impressive I mean retro-impressive. This doesn’t have any Ray Tracing effects or HD 2D sprites. This is exactly what you’d expect to see in a Game Boy Advance demake of Resident Evil 4, and I kind of love it.

In fact, this may remind you of the Resident Evil 2 port in the handheld. Contrary to that abysmal demake, though, this unofficial one looks retro-lovely and actually plays great. Hell, it even has some cut-scenes from the original GameCube version of Resident Evil 4. This is so cool, and I’m certain that all Resident Evil 4 fans will love it.

Unfortunately, this Resident Evil 4 demake in the GZDoom engine is not available for download yet. I also don’t know whether DooMero plans to release it to the public once he completes it. From what I read in the Doomworld forum, DooMero does plan to release this demo to the public someday. But anyway, until that happens, you can find below two videos, packing 40 minutes of gameplay footage from it.

Speaking of cool GZDoom projects, here is Half-Life Alpha in the Doom/GZDoom Engine. We also recommend downloading this Batman game in GZDoom. Then we have this unofficial sequel to the Crusader duology in GZDoom. And lastly, you can download a demake of Silent Hills P.T. in GZDoom.

Enjoy Resident Evil 4 in 2D, and stay tuned for more!

Re4 2D edition: gameplay

Re4 2D edition: gameplay demo part 2