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The original developers of Halo react to a Legendary speedrun

IGN has shared a video in which some of the original developers of the first Halo game react to a Legendary speedrun. In this video, Marcus Lehto, Marty O’Donnell, Paul Russel, Paul Bertone and Jaime Griesemer share some of their memories and react to this speedrun.

Halo: Combat Evolved was one of my favourite first-person shooters in 2001. While it didn’t break any new grounds, it was still a fun game, at least in my opinion. Its development history was also incredible. A PC strategy game that turned into a third-person, only to transform into a first-person console exclusive. It was also THE game that forced 3DFX to implement 32-bit color support in its future graphics cards (back when Halo was still a third-person PC game).

In this speedrun, GarishGoblin played the game in the Legendary difficulty. The speedrunner was able to complete the game in one hour and six minutes. Naturally, GarishGoblin used lots of exploits and out of bound tricks that amazed the original developers.

It’s a pretty cool video, so be sure to watch it!

Halo: Combat Evolved Devs React to Speedrun (Marty O'Donnell, Marcus Lehto)