Bioshock feature

Someone has recreated Bioshock as a SNES 16-bit game, and it looks retro-cool

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a video that showcased Bioshock in Unreal Engine 5. And today, we have something a bit different for all our Bioshock and 16-bit fans. By using the Unity Engine, Thomas Brush was able to recreate – or in this case, demake – Bioshock’s intro as a SNES 16-bit game.

This looks truly retro-awesome, and it’s something that most Bioshock fans will appreciate. Unfortunately, this project is not available to the public. Still, the following video showcases this project, so be sure to watch it.

Now obviously I love Bioshock the way it is (an FPS and not a 2D action platformer). However, I miss the 16-bit days in which developers would completely change their games so that they could release them on underpowered consoles. I also miss those days when a SNES game looked and played differently than its Mega-Drive/Genesis version. Sometimes it was better on SNES and other times it was better on Mega Drive. Ah, the 90s.

But anyway, speaking of Bioshock, we suggest checking out the other remakes/recreations that we’ve shared. This one, for instance, recreates the game’s first level in CRYENGINE. The second fan remake showcases Medical Pavilion In Unreal Engine 4. And then there is this Bioshock Mod for Half-Life Alyx.


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