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This Bioshock Fan Remaster in Unreal Engine 5 looks amazing

In 2014, we shared a video that showcased the first Bioshock game in Unreal Engine 4. And a couple of weeks ago, its creator, noodlespagoodle, ported this fan HD remaster to Unreal Engine 5.

Now what’s great with this fan remaster is how faithful to the original version it actually is. noodlespagoodle has used the original textures that were used in Bioshock. As a result of that, this feels and – actually plays – like the Bioshock you loved. Not only that, but it does benefit from better lighting effects.

Unfortunately, noodlespagoodle does not plan to release this project to the public. Moreover, he does not plan to remake/remaster the entire game.

Still, this fan remaster looks great and I’m certain that most Bioshock fans will appreciate it.

Speaking of Bioshock, here are two other amazing fan remakes of this game. The first one recreates the game’s first level in CRYENGINE. The second fan project showcases Medical Pavilion In Unreal Engine 4. Oh, and let’s not forget this Bioshock Mod for Half-Life Alyx.


Bioshock In Unreal Engine 5