Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 – Manchester United vs Manchester City – Full Match

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 v2

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 releases today in Europe, therefore we are presenting you a full match between Manchester United and Manchester City. PES 2014 is powered by FOX Engine, however the game’s visuals are a bit underwhelming. Sure thing, they are better than last year’s offer but they are not what we’d expect from FOX Engine. Then again, this is a current-gen title so we shouldn’t be asking for mind-blowing visuals. Still, Konami could do something about the game’s square-ish shadows, don’t you agree?

Gameplay wise, PES 2014 feels – pretty much – like last year’s offer. Yes, there are subtle changes and tweaks here and there, but there is nothing that will blow you away (gameplay wise). The game also suffers from the very same issues that plagued the series this whole time. Once again, your players will be running towards the direction of the ball and not at where you are commanding them to. Once again, you’ll have to rely on super cancel. Once again, you will notice your AI teammates stopping for no apparent reasons. Once again, you will be pressing the left analogue stick up and you’ll be witnessing the player moving at a completely different direction, etc.

Moreover, it seems that PES 2014 suffers from latency issues. To put it simple; the game requires 1-2 secs in order to execute the command you’re issuing (whether it’s a pass or a shot). For example, take a look at the second goal of United. In previous PES titles, Van Persie would immediately shoot. In PES 2014, however, Van Persie dribbled for no apparent reason and then shot the ball. This can be tricky and frustrating as players will have to start issuing commands 1-2 secs prior to when they want to see them in action.

In all honesty, we expected more from PES 2014 (especially after being advertised as something superb due to the FOX Engine). Unfortunately, Konami did not polish the bugs that were spotted in all the previous parts of the series, and this is troublesome to say the least. Do not misinterpret this. We don’t want PES to turn into Fifa. However, we do want all the gameplay bugs/issues that plagued this soccer series all these years to finally get fixed. Nothing more and nothing less.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - Manchester United vs Manchester City - Full Match