NBA 2K14 – Developer Diary Focuses On The Game’s Gameplay Mechanics

NBA 2K14

2K Sports has released a new developer diary for NBA 2K14 that focuses on the game’s gameplay mechanics. According to the team, NBA 2K14 has seen a major upgrade in gameplay. From physicality to improved defense, tighter controls and the awe-inspiring blocked dunks, prepare for the most balanced and deepest gameplay the series has ever seen. The game is planned for release later this year on PS3 and X360. Although 2K Sports has not revealed any other platforms for it, we do know that NBA 2K14 will hit PS4 (and most probably Xbox One). And since all the latest parts of this series have found their way on the PC, our only question is this: in which version will the PC version be based on? (Editor’s Note: this developer diary features the PC logo, so it is safe to say that the PC version will be based on the current-gen version that will be released on X360 and PS3)

NBA 2K14 Developer Diary: Gameplay