New ‘Only in Battlefield 4’ Videos Unveiled, Showcasing What Players Can Expect From DICE’s Latest FPS

Battlefield 4 v2
DICE has released four new ‘Only in Battlefield 4’ videos, showing off what players can expect from this upcoming FPS title. In the first video, Oscar and his crew get the upper hand by adding some heavy artillery to their second-floor sniper nest. In the second, Charlie watches his teammate sneak up on a target from above in an experience found Only in Battlefield 4. In the third video, Anthony run straight through a shopping center with the assistance of a frustrated enemy tanker and in the fourth video, Phillip retells his story of sweet revenge. Enjoy!
Only in Battlefield 4: Rooftop Tank

Only in Battlefield 4: Death From Above

Only in Battlefield 4: Tank in a China Shop

Only in Battlefield 4: Sweet Revenge