New Trailers For Total War: Rome II & XCOM: Enemy Within – Walkthrough Video For Shades of Sanity

Total War Rome II
SEGA and 2K Games have released new trailers for Total War: Rome II and XCOM: Enemy Within. Sword And Spirit, on the other hand, has released a walkthrough video for its upcoming horror title, Shades of Sanity. 
XCOM: Enemy Within’s trailer features the all-new genetic and cybernetic soldier enhancements along with new weapons, environments and two new enemy types.
Total War: Rome II’s is no other than its launch trailer, as the game releases tomorrow on the PC.
Last but not least, Shades of Sanity’s video shows off the current pre-alpha build of it. In Shades Of Sanity you play as Joseph Springer, a schizophrenic patient on a desperate quest to find his ex-wife while trapped in an oppressive environment filled with haunting visions and dangerous encounters.
Total War: ROME II / How Far Will You Go? / Launch Trailer

Cells Walkthrough for Shades of Sanity Horror Adventure PC Game