New Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer shows different ways via which you can complete a mission

Warhorse Studios has released a brand new trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, showcasing the different ways via which players can complete a mission. In this trailer, Lord Hanus has sent players on an important quest to investigate the Neuhof stable raid. In order to complete the mission, players can go all out and use the tip of their blade, or take advantage of the dialogue system, or the game’s stealth mechanics.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, players will follow the events after the death of Henry’s parents as he joins ranks with Sir Radzig to get the training he needs.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will feature a huge and realistic open world, a non-linear story, a dynamic world and challenging battles. The game is powered by Crytek’s CRYENGINE and is currently planned for a February 13th release.


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