New gameplay trailer released for first-person fixed-time investigative thriller, The Occupation

White Paper Games has released a brand new trailer for its upcoming first-person fixed-time investigative thriller, The Occupation, showcasing 10 minutes of gameplay footage. The Occupation is a clock-watching narrative thriller with multiple outcomes with politically driven themes highlighting the shades of grey people believe to be hard facts.

The game features events that happen in real-time, forcing you to choose between the careful and methodical vs the direct and disruptive approach, a rich world building based on British architecture with mature themes and a complex narrative web of truths, lies and accidents. Players will be free to choose and explore, and they can gather evidence by any means necessary.

The Occupation is currently scheduled for a March 5th released and here are its key features.

  • A high-tech watch with an alarm and timer for remembering those important meetings!
  • A fully interactive briefcase inventory to store anything you think might be pertinent to your investigation.
  • A pager that can display up to 12 characters on the screen – Perfect for delivering your current objectives. 
  • Threads of the people that work and live in this world. Relive some of people’s last actions
  • Each person in the world has a routine to follow so that you can plan your approach. Be careful though as an unexpected toilet or smoke break may foil even the best laid plans. 
  • Non-linear environments with objectives designed to be approached from multiple angles to allow for different play styles. 
  • Over 3 hours of original music from 80’s Brit-pop, classical concertos and acoustic ballads.


The Occupation Gameplay Trailer: Investigating A Lead [ESRB]