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Metal Gear Solid intro real-time remake in Unreal Engine 4 looks phenomenal

Metal Gear Solid got 20 years old on September 3rd and Erasmus Brosdau has recreated the iconic intro from that Playstation/PC game in Unreal Engine 4. According to the creator, everything in this video was rendered in real-time with the usage of various marketplace assets, and it looks absolutely incredible.

The attention to detail is phenomenal and this remake is as close to the original material as possible. Of course the textures are different but this video shows how cool a proper remake of Metal Gear Solid in a modern-day engine could be.

Since Konami no longer invests in video-games, we can safely say that this won’t ever happen. I mean, Konami had already created a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake in the FOX Engine that looked incredible and it was only available for… wait for it… pachinko machines. So yeah, don’t expect such a remake anytime soon.

As for fans, well there were some attempts in the past to recreate Metal Gear Solid in Unreal Engine but Konami sent them C&D letters (one of these projects was able to see the light of day as a walking simulator).

But anyway, enjoy the video!

Metal Gear Solid 1998 Intro - Remake 2018 [4K] [UHD]