new unreal engine 5 horror game

In-engine teaser trailer for Unreal Engine 5 horror game, inspired by P.T.

Artur Laczkowski, former developer at Bloober Team, has shared an in-engine teaser trailer for a new game he and his team have been working on. This game will be using Unreal Engine 5, and will be inspired by P.T.

According to Laczkowski, the game will be using a third-person perspective. Other than that, though, we don’t know anything at all about this project. I mean, it doesn’t even have a codename. Still, this first in-engine teaser trailer looks, visually-wise, interesting.

As Laczkowski stated:

“At this point I can’t reveal too much but it’s a big project, with big names and budget. We are using advance technology powered by Unreal Engine 5.”

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more!