Battlefield 3 Soldier

Here is the first trailer for Battlefield 3 Reality Mod

Yesterday, we informed you about the unofficial modding tools that will be coming to Battlefield 3 in December 2020. Alongside them, a new realistic mod will release, Battlefield 3 Reality Mod. Thus, its modding team has released its announcement trailer that you can find below.

BF3: Reality Mod is a BF3 modification that focuses on communication and teamwork. It draws inspiration from the successful BF2 “Project Reality” mod. The mod aims to offer a complete gameplay and UI overhaul that creates a more tactical and meaningful experience.

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod is built using the VU modding framework; a modification of BF3 that as well as modding offers private server hosting, higher tickrate, built-in server browser and much more.

We are pretty sure that a lot of Battlefield players will find this realistic mod interesting. The big question now is whether BF fans will go ahead and re-install BF3 in order to play it. Battlefield 3 originally came out in 2011, so these tools may be too late to the party.


BF3: Reality Mod - Official Release Teaser