Here is the first in-engine teaser trailer and first official screenshots for System Shock 3

OtherSide Entertainment has released the first teaser trailer for System Shock 3. This trailer features in-engine pre-alpha footage, meaning that it does not represent the final version which may look different from what is being shown here.

Yesterday, OtherSide Entertainment announced that the game is halfway completed so things are looking great for this highly anticipated title.

Unfortunately, the team did not reveal any additional details so I believe it’s safe to say that we are looking at a 2020 title at best here. Still, it would be great if we had some information about the game’s setting and story.

But anyway, enjoy the trailer!

System Shock 3 Teaser - Unity Keynote (GDC 2019)


OtherSide Entertainment has also shared the first official screenshots for System Shock 3 that you can find below.