Here is classic Doom running on digital cameras like the Kodak DC260

MAMED!, the official page for MAME and MESS project for digital enabled cameras, has released a port of the classic Doom for digital cameras. Yeap, you can now play id Software’s classic first-person shooter on a digital camera from 1998.

Of course this shouldn’t surprise us. After all, we’ve already seen Doom running on ATMs and printers. Still, this is something really cool that may put a smile on your face.

What’s really awesome here is that you can download this port and run it on your own digital camera. All you have to do is visit MAMED!’s official website, and download the Doom port for your camera model.

Below you can find a video from LGR showcasing this Doom port in action. I’ve also included below an older video showing Doom running on ATMs, printers, IPOD and Oscilloscope.


DOOM on a Digital Camera from 1998!

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