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Here are 30 minutes of gameplay from Digital Extremes’ Soulframe

Digital Extremes, the creators of Warframe, has released a new video, showcasing 30 minutes of gameplay from Soulframe. This video shows numerous environments, and it gives us a glimpse at its combat mechanics and exploration.

From what we know so far, Soulframe will feature open-world, co-op gameplay in its own independent and immersive fantasy experience. The game will also feature an entirely unique world with a heavy focus on themes of nature, restoration, and history in a brand-new world.

Soulframe Creative Director Geoff Crookes said:

“With Soulframe’s worldbuilding and thematic elements, we are really looking to go back to our childhood favorites and pull inspiration from the elaborate fantasy worlds that we fell in love with growing up. Our team is really interested in this idea of nature and humanity colliding and we’ll be exploring a lot of those themes through our own lens while playing with ideas of restoration and exploration.”

There is currently no ETA on when this new game will come out. Naturally, though, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Enjoy this 30-minute gameplay video for Soulframe and stay tuned for more!

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