GTA 4-5 Reshade Ray Tracing

Grand Theft Auto 4 can look gorgeous in GTA5 Engine with Reshade Ray Tracing and mods

Grand Theft Auto 5 came out on the PC in 2015. And, after five whole years, the game can still look great on the PC via a GTA5 mod. YouTube’s Digital Dreams has shared a video, showing GTA 4’s map in GTA 5 with Reshade Ray Tracing effects. Naturally, Digital Dreams has also used a mod in order to further improve the game’s visuals. And the results are absolutely amazing.

Now while GTA V looks awesome with these mods, there is a big issue here and that’s the awful pop-ins. In the following video, you will notice major pop-in issues with shadows and reflections. Apparently, the game does not load these effects in time, resulting in some awful issues. And while the game looks better than the vanilla version, these pop-in issues can be really distructing.

As said, alongside the Reshade Ray Tracing Mod, Digital Dreams used a graphics overhaul mod for GTA 5. The mod shown here is the final version of Awesomekills Graphics. Created by Awesomekills, the final version came out in January 2020, and you can download it from here.

Before closing, I’d like to remind you that Grand Theft Auto V is five years old. So yeah, it’s pretty incredible that the game can look this good in 2020. I also don’t expect modders to resolve these pop-in issues, especially since this game is so old.

In case some of you are interested, you can find here other PC games with Reshade Ray Tracing effects. These past few months we’ve covered a lot of games. Some of them appear to benefit greatly from it, while others do not. Of course, these Reshade effects are not as great as the native ones that newer games support. Still, it’s nice having the option of using them in older games.


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