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AMD announces four new effects for FidelityFX: SSSR, CACAO, LPM & SPD

AMD has just announced four new effects that will be coming to FidelityFX. Alongside Contrast Adaptive Sharpening, FidelityFX will support Stochastic Screen Space Reflections, Combined Adaptive Compute Ambient Occlusion, Luminance Preserving Mapper, and Single Pass Downsampler.

According to the red team, SSSR is its own implementation of Screen Space Reflections technique. This effect can create realistic looking reflections, purely based on information already present in the rendered image. We’ve seen this effect in Reshade, though I expect AMD’s solution to be slightly better.

FidelityFX CACAO is a new form of Ambient Occlusion. AMD has moved the entire thing over to compute, allowing you the freedom to run it on either a compute or graphics queue. Furthermore, AMD has done some major surgery on the data-transformations the effect undertakes. Finally, AMD also included an upsampler option to allow you to get high quality ambient occlusion within a budget that suits your game.

On the other hand, FidelityFX LPM will provide fast and easy-to-integrate HDR. It will also allows you to implement wide gamut tone and gamut mapping to your games.

Lastly, FidelityFX SPD is a new downsampling technique. FidelityFX SPD can generate up to 12 MIPmap levels in a single compute shader pass.

So yeah, pretty exciting things that AMD is bringing to the table. Again, most of these effects are already present in Reshade. Still, it’s refreshing witnessing AMD bringing new and improved versions of them.

You can find more details here.