Fallout The Odyssey UE5 feature

Fallout: The Odyssey gets a cool short film in Unreal Engine 5

Webb Productions Entertainment has shared a cool, stylized short film of Fallout: The Odyssey in Unreal Engine 5. This film is dedicated to the Fallout: The Odyssey total conversion mod for Fallout New Vegas that is currently in development.

Going into more details, this short features the Wattz Laser Rifle from artist TraVinh. On the other hand, Webb Productions Entertainment has created the armors and some of the weapons with QwibQwibMods.

It’s a cool video, so be sure to watch it. Just… well… don’t expect much from it. It’s a cool short film and nothing more. Oh, and Fallout The Odyssey will not bring the Fallout: New Vegas game to Unreal Engine 5. Instead, it will be a total conversion mod for it. I mean, it’s obvious but since this video was made in Unreal Engine 5, some may have thought that Fallout: The Odyssey was a UE5 project. It’s not.

Naturally, we’ll be sure to keep you posted about this mod’s progress. Until it comes out, though, we suggest taking a look at these other expansion mods. Fallout: Broken CityFallout Van buren Remake, and Star Wars Open Worlds are three of them that you should download. You can also check out Fallout New California and Fallout The Frontier. And lastly, Special Delivery! adds a new fan quest campaign.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Fallout: The Odyssey Short Film In Unreal Engine 5