Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot gets launch trailer, featuring “We Were Angels” and Vegeta’s confession

Bandai Namco has released the launch trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Similarly to the Character Trailer of Dragon Ball FighterZ, this trailer features the “We Were Angels” outro song from the anime.

Furthermore, this trailer focuses on Vegeta’s confession during the ending battle between Buu and Son Goku. For all anime purist fans, the trailer also has Japanese voices. And, as I’ve already said, this is my biggest gripe with DBZ Kakarot. All the voices I’ve heard so far lack passion and the voice actors feel like they are bored or something. Seriously, they are several steps below what we got in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

I get it, this is a big action adventure RPG that has a lot of dialogue. However, it’s really disappointing witnessing such a thing as it can completely destroy the whole atmosphere/immersion. Since most of the dialogues will be the same, I really hope that someone will be able to rip the Japanese voices from the anime and replace them. Realistically speaking, I don’t think we’ll see such a mod. However, it would be really cool if we could get something like that.

But anyway, Bandai Namco has provided us with a review code so expect a day-1 PC Performance Analysis for this new DBZ game.

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more!

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Launch Trailer - PS4/XB1/PC