Hunters Arena Legends feature 2

New in-game trailer released for the action RPG Battle Royale hybrid game, Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Mantisco released today a new in-game trailer for the first-of-its-kind multiplayer mashup game, Hunter’s Arena: Legends. Players will also be able to sign up later this month for a chance to participate in its Closed Beta.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends aims to combine elements of battle royale, MOBA and Action RPG. The game will support up to 60 players. Moreover, terrain will impact how players do battle. Furthermore, special dungeon areas will allow players the choice to work together to fight boss monsters for powerful rewards.

Last but not least, here are the key features for Hunter’s Arena: Legends:

  • Unique Character Classes – Classic MOBA-inspired character classes offer players unique ways to compete for glory. Every player class offers different strengths and weaknesses, along with countless skill and equipment upgrades.
  • Solo and Team Play – Players must balance aggressive and strategic game styles by going head-to-head or by teaming up to take down daunting computer-generated bosses.
  • Lightning-Quick Combat – A unique fighting system allows for strategic combos including parrying, a counter system and more for smooth online tournaments.
  • Gorgeous Arenas – Hunter’s Arena: Legends utilizes Unreal Engine technology to create detailed character models and an immersive world.


Hunter's Arena: Legends Ingame Trailer 4k