Crysis Remastered Nanosuit

Crysis Remastered versus Crysis Enhanced Edition Comparison Video

YouTube’s ‘Digital Dreams’ has shared a comparison video between Crysis Remastered and the latest graphical overhaul mod for the original Crysis, Crysis Enhanced Edition. This comparison video will give you an idea of the graphical differences between them, so I strongly suggest watching it.

As we can clearly see, Crysis Remastered features a better lighting system thanks to SVOGI. Thanks to SVOGI, Crysis Remastered also packs a more realistic lighting system. On the other hand, all interiors in Crysis Enhanced Edition feel a bit weird. The same can be said about the characters and the nanosuit. In my opinion, all characters look better in the official remaster, mainly due to the more advanced and more realistic lighting system.

However, these are perhaps the only things in which Crysis Remastered looks better. Crysis Enhanced Edition appears to be running faster in 4K than Crysis Remastered. Moreover, overall physics and environmental interactivity are WAY better in Crysis Enhanced Edition. Particles effects are also significantly better in the free mod. Additionally, Shadows appear to be better in the free mod. The remaster lacks muzzle-flash shadows and some grass shadows appear to be absent in some rare occasions. Not only that, but the mod retains the style of the original game. To be honest, though, I don’t really mind the new look of the remaster (though this is clearly a personal preference).

Crysis Remastered versus Crysis Enhanced Edition Comparison Video

4k Crysis Remastered vs Enhanced Edition comparison - In-Depth visual Analysis

It’s also worth noting that this mod supports better high-quality textures. Do note, however, that you’ll have to be a Patreon member in order to download these 4K/8K textures. Otherwise, you’ll either have to use other Texture Packs or stick with the vanilla textures. So yeah, since you’ll have to pay for these textures, we don’t really consider them a “win” for the free mod.

I’d also like to note that Digital Dreams has been using the “Performance” settings for Ray Tracing. This explains its “underwhelming” results during its Water/Reflections tests. On lower settings, Crysis Remastered uses a combination of Ray Tracing and screenspace reflections.

Let’s also not forget that Crysis Enhanced Edition has the Ascension level, as well as better controls than Crysis Remastered. Furthermore, both of these games can – and will – be bottlenecked by all modern-day CPUs.

In conclusion, Crysis Remastered comes with a significantly better lighting system thanks to SVOGI. However, Crysis Enhanced Edition has better physics, particles, shadows, and more faithful jungles. To be honest, I’d love to see a combination of these two projects. If the modding team manages to bring SVOGI to the original game, then this free mod could potentially be better than Crysis Remastered in every way.

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