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EA Sports won’t release a free demo for FIFA 21

EA Sports has just announced that there won’t be a free demo for FIFA 21. EA Sports claims that instead of releasing a demo, its development team decided to focus on delivering a great product on both current and next-gen platforms. However, the game will be available on EA Play so that gamers can play it prior to its official release.

Now, as you may have guessed, this is just PR “beeeeeeeeep” and nothing more. We all know that the current-gen version of FIFA 21 will look identical to FIFA 20. So yeah, EA Sports is probably trying to “protect” and increase the game’s pre-orders.

As we’ve already reported, the PC version of FIFA 21 will be based on the current-gen version. EA Sports did not provide any explanations behind this decision.

FIFA 21 releases on October 9th!