CRYENGINE-powered War of Rights showcases cool dynamic weather effects

Campfire Games has released a new trailer for War of Rights, showcasing its newly implemented dynamic weather effects. War of Rights is a multiplayer game set around the tumultuous period of the American Civil War, during the Maryland Campaign of September 1862, that is powered by CRYENGINE.

In War of Rights, and thanks to this new weather system, players will experience clear skies, cloudy skies and when it rains, it can be all sorts of degrees of rain, light, medium, heavy and everything in between. When it stops raining, the ground and objects, including characters will remain wet sometime after. The wet ground will produce wet and sticky footstep sounds.

The new dynamic weather system also comes with lightning strikes and dynamic wind, making the vegetation sway more violently and pushing gun smoke off the battlefield more quickly.


War of Rights Phase II - Dynamic Weather