Anthem – E3 2017 Trailer versus Retail Version – Direct Video Comparison

Anthem has just been released and while it’s one of the most beautiful games today on the PC, we can confirm that it was downgraded and it’s not looking as incredible as its E3 2017 trailer. And below, you can find a video that compares these two builds and shows the graphical differences between them.

YouTube’s ‘Nick930’ has used the PC version on Ultra settings and while Bioware claimed that the E3 2017 build was running on Xbox One, we can safely say now that it was unlikely. Even on Ultra settings, the PC version of Anthem cannot come close to what Bioware and EA showcased back in E3 2017.

The first that most players will notice when they play Anthem is how lifeless (at least compared to its E3 2017 version) Fort Tarsis actually feels like. In the E3 2017 build, the city was full of NPCs. Furthermore, the market area had more objects on-screen, and its lighting has also been downgraded.

One of the worst features of the retail version is the loading screens. In E3 2017, Bioware was promising a proper and seamless open-worth environment and that’s not the case in the final version. Similarly to its demos (that I’m pretty sure everyone has played at this point), the final version features multiple loading screens, however the loading times have been reduced (compared to those featured in the demo).

There are a lot of things that have been removed from the final/retail version and the game’s scope has been reduced. As this comparison shows, Anthem was way too ambitious back in 2017 and felt like a proper next-gen experience. What we got in 2019, however, visually is an amazing current-gen experience. Again, it looks spectacular, however it’s not mind-blowing as its E3 2017 trailer.


Anthem E3 vs Retail | Direct Comparison