Half Life 2 gets an AI-enhanced Topaz Gigapixel Texture Pack that is available for download

Reddit’s ‘TheCynicMimic’ has released a new AI-enhanced Texture Pack for Half Life 2. This Texture Pack uses Topaz Gigapixel in order to improve the textures of every main character, every enemy and ally (alien and human), some weapons, some items and crates, and some vehicles.

The end result is subtle but closer to the developers’ original vision. As such, we strongly suggest downloading it as it will improve the game’s characters and items, and it will also retain the style and atmosphere of Half Life 2.

TheCynicMimic has offered some comparison screenshots that you can find here, and those interested can download the Texture Pack from here. All you have to do in order to install it is extract the materials folder into the base Half-Life 2 directory (it should be steamapps\common\Half-Life 2).

Unfortunately, and as we just said, this Texture Pack does not improve any of the environmental textures. I don’t know if TheCynicMimic plans to release a new HD pack in order to improve them but since we got a pack for characters/items, it would be awesome if someone went ahead and used these AI-techniques in order to enhance these textures too.

But anyway, I know that some of you hated FakeFactory’s Cinematic Mod (which although featured HD textures made some design alterations to environments and characters that weren’t well received) so this new AI-enhanced Texture Pack is for you.